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Web 2.0 Marketing - The A-List of the Best Business Social Networking Sites

 Web 2.0 Marketing - The A-List of the Best Business Social Networking Sites
So you already have an account on LinkedIn or MySpace. But why put all of your eggs in one basket? With the vast number of social networking sites out there it is easy to get discouraged. Here's a list of the social networking sites you should be concentrating your efforts on, if your goal is to establish a solid online presence and grow your business.
1. LinkedIn
It is THE business networking site. It is a network of about 19 million business people representing over 150 industries. It allows you to connect and keep in touch with past and present employers, employees, clients, suppliers, as well as use these to exp
and your network of business relationships.
2. Xing
It is LinkedIn's main European competitor. Xing provides professional contact management tools not found on other sites, like the Business Accelerator application which allows you to find experts and market yourself and your business in a professional setting to ultimately reach new markets and potential clients across international borders.
3. Facebook
Facebook is now past its reputation as a social networking site for college kids. With the millions of users and its rapid growth, businesses have discovered it is wise to tap into this fountain of youth. Plus, Facebook offers services that are suitable to any business's marketing plan, like its classifieds section or Facebook Ads.
It differs from the others in that it is a site where users publish how-to guides on their areas of expertise. Each author has his/her own profile page, and this in turn can have links to a business website. Some articles get published in its companion website,
5. Business Exchange
It's run by Business Week and allows users to post content on a topic and network with others in your niche.
6. BizNik
It is yet another site that allows users to post articles and share content. The main advantage of sites like BizNik is that you get the chance to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, an authority, which of course, will help you reach those new clients you hope to get.
7. Entrepreneur Connect
This site was just recently launched in January 2009. It allows you to not only build the relationships you seek, but also make use of its classifieds section and join groups, among other features.

Home Business Expert - Importance of Social Networking

 Home Business Expert - Importance of Social Networking
Importance of social networking
Are you a new mom who wants to stay at home and spend some time with your family without sacrificing your financial freedom? A home business is the answer. Yes, setting up a home business gives you the liberty of choosing your working hours and spending quality time with your kids as well. But then, you need to ensure that the busi
ness is successful.
To see your home-business flourish you need to realize the importance of social networking. Social network is basically a social structure made of individuals and organizations who share common business interests. The importance of social networking lies in the fact that you can connect to people who can turn into your prospective customers in the long run. Actually, the importance of social networking is being realized by more and more work from home moms.
Importance of social networking
As a home-business owner, you are surely going to try to make your business a success so that you can continue to remain at home. Social networking can really help you here - particularly when you are trying to reach out to new prospects and extend your market. So understand the importance of networking. Since realizing the importance of networking ensures a turnkey to rich dividends, you are sure to deliver the best to your home-business.
The importance of social networking lies in the smart ways to link to people around you and there are lots of sites offering free membership that again does your job for free! You can create a social networking page of your own and make quality business contacts absolutely free. Not only linking to people but gathering knowledge about their business whereabouts also are other reasons that add to the importance of networking.
Another great advantage of networking is that it can be done from the cozy comforts of your home - and this adds great value to your home-business while you pamper your kids. To realize the importance of social networking, you need to explore the online communities of organizations or people sharing common activities, interests, and of course business ideas. Most of the web-based networking sites provide a number of ways to communicate with the users at low costs that could be really beneficial for you as a home-business owner. A very significant importance of networking is that since businesses run globally, social networks simplify the process all the more by making it easier to reach the contacts around the world.
Importance of social networking: how does it help your home-business?
Considering yourself as a the home business owner, it is obvious that going the traditional way of interacting face-to-face with your clients is almost impossible for you. And even if you did this, with how many people can you connect?
And here comes the importance of social networking through the Internet. You can interact anytime from any corner of the world, while enjoying that beach holiday with your kids and still expand your home-business exponentially. A professional social networking service attracts, aggregates and assembles prominent business-focused audiences by creating virtual, interactive and informative meeting places thereby booming your home business enormously!

Social Networking Websites - Parents, Kids & Online Safety

 Social Networking Websites - Parents, Kids & Online Safety
With the popularity of social networking websites here's are some words of caution. Not everybody trying to be your friend is really trying "to be your friend". They may have other motives and it certainly behooves parents to know what they're kids are into. Keeping an eye on their activities will help protect identity (theirs and yours) and keep sexual predators at bay. Content such as foal language, bullying and threats, sexually explicit terminology and especially sexually explicit photos and videos can turn up in other members' profile pages, photo galleries, in blogs, forums and groups.
Some social networking websites closely monitor certain word tags assigned to videos, photos and groups. They might also provide a direct
link on their pages so members can easily report offensive content. Although offensive content can appear anywhere on a social networking website, the most explicit content seem to appear mostly in group forums. So it pays to be vigilant if you're a parent trying to protect a child or you simply find these things offensive.
If you're a parent, the very first thing you should do is teach your children about the possible dangers that exist on the Internet, particularly about situations that might crop up on a social networking website, for instance:
a. Remind them that on the Internet it's easy for people to pretend to be someone else. They can easily change their name, age and gender in an effort to get close to children.
b. Tell them to never give out personal information about themselves, the family, neighbors or friends to strangers they may meet online.
c. Tell them not to post pictures of your house with identifiable numbers and street names or pictures showing a phone number.
d. Let them know that if they encounter something or someone dangerous they should tell you about it.
e. Tell them that if they ever receive an emailed picture with sexual content, or see something on the social networking website that they find disturbing, they should tell you about it immediately.
Social networking websites are fun and kids do want to participate in them. They'll want to build personal profiles and explore the profiles of others. A good bit of safety advice is resist the urge to "tell all". Your social networking experience can still be fun and rewarding. You'll make new friends and yes, some of them may even turn out to be real "finds". But on the Internet, a little common sense goes a long way. Enjoy and be safe.

Social Networking Safety Info For Parents

 Social Networking Safety Info For Parents
While social networking sites can be an exciting place to meet up with virtual friends and exchange ideas, they also increase your exposure to less-than-friendly people with other intentions on their minds. Kids especially are particularly vulnerable to the many sexual predators who stalk social networking sites looking for likely prey. Parents need to understand that these risks are real and take the necessary precautions.
Talking to your kids before-hand about the dangers of social networking is the best way to them safe. Lay the ground rules for internet online usage, but make sure you tell kids why it needs to be done. How much you tell them and the boundaries you decide to set depends on your kids' ages and their computer know-how, and will have to be rev
iewed regularly as they grow.
Here are some of the precautionary measures that need to be re-enforced no matter how old your kids are.
Remind them to never share personal information about themselves or their family with any stranger online. Information including their real name, address, name of their school or even sports clubs that they play for can be used to find anyone offline.
Discourage your kids from using their real names or any other screen names that could be directly linked to them. For people who want to, it can be very easy to combine the clues and figure out who the person is and where they can be found.
Install internet filtering software on your computer to restrict access to unacceptable site. Regularly monitor the chat rooms that your child frequents, even if it is a kid-friendly site. Restrict access to your child's website and only allow family and friends from their school or local club to view it and to post their views.
Most important of all, encourage your kids to come to you if something does happen that makes them feel in the least bit uncomfortable or threatened. Kids need to learn to make their own judgments but they also need to know that you are there to support them when things go wrong. And a lot of things could go wrong when kids use social networking sites.

How Can I Find People Using Online Social Networks?

 How Can I Find People Using Online Social Networks?
Social networking sites have attained an astonishing popularity in only a short period of time. By allowing users to update personal profiles, keep track of friends, and publish pictures and videos to the web, the most popular social networking sites can now boast membership numbers above one hundred million. This is impressive in its own right, but believe it or not, the extreme popularity of social networking sites also makes it surprisingly easy to find people online.
Social networking sites are literally designed to help people find each other and connect over the web. That makes them a great way t
o conduct almost any kind of people research. If you're looking for old friends from high school, you'll probably be find that many members of your high school class are already members. The same is probably true of almost anyone you might think of, including colleagues, friends, your children and the kids they go to school with, and millions of others. That means that by joining and searching, you can find their profile, and sometimes even their phone numbers.
But it's not a great idea to call phone numbers you get from social networking sites before running them through a reverse phone lookup. No one guarantees the information on social networking sites, and despite the best efforts of administrators, many spammers and other malcontents find ways to use social networking sites to scam people. That means that it's a good idea to use a reverse phone lookup-an internet search tool that quickly provides info about unknown phone numbers-before you call a number you don't know. Using the reverse phone lookup will give you the name and address of that phone's owner, even if the number is from a cell phone or unlisted number.
So instead of possibly putting yourself in harm's way, use a phone number lookup [] and make sure that the number you're about to call belongs to the person you think it does. That way you won't get any unpleasant surprises, because you'll know exactly who's phone number you're dialing.